The new way to date


Before the Internet age, many people looking for a date posted classified ads. But usually, such ads did not contain pictures and there was only a limited amount of space to describe yourself. Needless to say, it was not the most effective way to find a date, and moreover, there was a lot of stigma attached to using classified ads to find love, even though there was nothing really wrong with the idea itself. A lot of people believed that only lonely, desperate people would resort ot using classified ads.

With the internet, the idea was taken a step further and online dating sites were born. At first, some of the stigma carried over, and online dating got off to a somewhat slow start, despite it's potential. But over the last decade, things changed fast, and these days, online dating is widely recognized as one of the most effective means of finding a compatible partner. It is said that about 20% of couples today met by using the internet, and online dating is responsible for most of these connections.

So where does one start if they want to try online dating? If you are young, you are probably familiar enough with the internet that you'll be able to figure things out on your own. For those who are less familiar with computers, I recommend purchasing some books or reading articles on the topic. One book I frequently recommend is "Online Dating for Dummies" since it is very easy to follow.

As for dating sites to join, I think is probably the best one to get started with. It is a general dating site but has a membership that is large enough that you should be able to find the type of person you are looking for. A free trial will let you join and use the site for free for a period of time. You can get the free trial by using this promotional offer. As with most online dating sites, you will need to purchase a membership eventually if you want to continue using the site. Depending on the plan you choose, the monthly membership cost should be in the range of $20 - $30. Is that too much? I believe not, because there is no price you can put on a technology that has the ability to find you true love.